Coronavirus Drinkathon – Part 6

Joe Gilmour Thoughts

They say luxury whispers. If Steve Edmunds doesn’t exactly whisper, there’s an audible pause whilst he things about what he wants to say and then quietly sets though a thoughtful response to the question.

Gamay Rose 2017 from Edmunds St John. The best rose in the US no less according to Eric Asimov. What’s that? – you could buy a decrepit bottle of SQN 1996 rose for 30,000 $?

His rose whispers quality but doesn’t shout it – Produced from Barsotti Ranch and Witters Vineyard, both in excess of 3,000 feet above sea level, it has a lot of savoury complexity. It shows best the day after opening it – which makes me think 2 years or so after vintage would be the perfect time to drink it.

It lengthens, it broadens. Like a genie freed from the lantern. It grants you three wishes. Anything you want as long as it involves getting joyously merry.

Joe GilmourCoronavirus Drinkathon – Part 6