Sir Mix-a-Lot

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My early adventures in mixing my two favourite beverages, milk and apple juice didn’t go too well. Time has been a patient teacher though, and I’m getting better. Without the prying and suspicious eyes of other wine professionals, I’ve been practicing in the kitchen. Mixing wines. Selosse Champagne too expensive for a Monday night? try 1 part Fino sherry to 2 parts NV Champagne. Want to keep hold of your 1996 Leflaive’s* for a special occasion, try a decent young Maconnais with a quarter of old Jura Chardonnay. Sacriligious maybe. Idiotic possibly, but an interesting experiment when you have many …

Joe GilmourSir Mix-a-Lot

Domaine de L’Iserand

Joe Gilmour Thoughts

Driving up the winding hill towards Secheras, encouragement for past cyclists rolls beneath you. Allez Contador, Courage!! In Secheras, a one-horse town, Jeff Malsert is piecing his estate together. Like attacking a hors-classe ascent, it is a physical and mental feat of some tactical dimension. Shrewdness and tactics are important, as is sheer bloody-mindedness. After saying goodbye to his mate dropping of some manure: “Totally full of shit” he details the work in converting an old barn into his winery. The sheep pen will one day be a small office when he gets round to clearing out the droppings and …

Joe GilmourDomaine de L’Iserand

What is it Rodney?

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It’s a baby! To be honest, when I buy wine from anyone, I’m not usually particularly interested to know what’s going on in their private life. I can certainly take or leave Neal Martins music recommendations or musings about KFC. But, for better or worse, when you have a kid, all kind of considerations of what other people might be thinking go out of the window. So, voila; This is only really to explain, service for the last 4 months and perhaps the next few might be a bit patchy, so please accept my humblest apologies, as my focus is …

Joe GilmourWhat is it Rodney?

C’est Compliqué

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The wines of Dutraive are some of the most sought-after in Beaujolais. They have managed to escape terminal-velocity and now orbit in the same scarcity / price trajectory that Yvon Metras inhabits. Having spent the day with solid high-achiever Guy Breton, I was drawn to buy a bottle of Dutraive’s 2018 Fleurie Cuvee Champagne to try and make some sort of evaluation. I’ve talked to good numbers of his fans, a sommelier in Lyon who worked harvest with Jean-Louis, who rates his wines as the best of all. When you try and buy a wine like Dutriave from his wine-list …

Joe GilmourC’est Compliqué

-Carrying on Regardless – Lyon

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“The Lyonnais: they like their food, they eat it, they talk about it all day long. They don’t care what you think about it. They don’t care if you like it, if you eat it, if you never even try it. They don’t care about you at all.” Bill Buford The 2019 Michelin guide was published this week and for the city of Lyon, it was nothing to celebrate. A single new star for La Sommeliere, and two restaurants, Guy Lassaussarie and Pierre Orsi downgraded. Bummer. What to do? – Guy confessed his confusion and promised to redouble his efforts …

Joe Gilmour-Carrying on Regardless – Lyon