-‏‏‎Gouye, Trollat and the Madness of Crowds

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­Legendary old-timer Raymond Trollat would sometimes off-handedly remark that one vintage or another was ‘a wine for a wedding’, something gulpable, always elegant, his wines for many embody the platonic ideal of St-Joseph. Little did those guys glugging down bottles of Trollats wine at local weddings in the 1980s know that it would be selling for 1000s of dollars per bottle twenty years later. The Gonon’s, who inherited many of his old vines, make more structured, and really, I think, better wines than he ever made. But, better is to miss the point, they were what they were. Honest reflections, …

Joe Gilmour-‏‏‎Gouye, Trollat and the Madness of Crowds

View from La Madone, Fleurie

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To the right of the town are the slopes where Dutraive’s Cuvee Champagne comes from, in the distance, you can see the town of Morgon to the right of Fleurie, and the hills of the Cotes de Py (although you’ll need the eyes of a hawk)

Joe GilmourView from La Madone, Fleurie


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There we were. Standing in front of a lovingly hand-made photo board of Lady Gaga. “But how can I get my wine to her?” he mused. I confessed I did not know. Send her a bottle? Perhaps she is drowning in samples from of idiosyncratic Rhone blends. She always seemed to me more of a Rose / Champagne gal. It was two o clock in the afternoon, the bleached white glare of Santa-Maria had been dimmed by the rolled-down security grill outside the winery entrance. Like many small wineries in California, it was a glorified concrete lock-up, situated next to …

Joe GilmourGaga

Pas de Frimeur – Guy Breton

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Like my dad, Guy Breton used to deliver gas cannisters. An honourable job, no doubt, but one that is not going to sustain some for the long-haul. So a decision was made around 1986. He was going to take over his grandfather’s family vines. He was going to make wine. Like all the best decisions, the happy gods of good timing smiled, and he was led, tutored and poured wines by Jacques Neauport and Marcel Lapierre. The Pied-Pipers who led so many of this generation away from the sweetly whispered promises of industrial vinification. He didn’t listen to them. He …

Joe GilmourPas de Frimeur – Guy Breton

Jean-Luc Jamet – New Beginnings

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For a while there had been rumours of a rift between the brothers of the greatest estate in Cote-Rotie, Domaine Jamet. Since the late 1980s, Jean-Paul and Jean-Luc had run their fathers’ domain with impeccable care and steadfastly traditional values. There was a sensible division of labour. Jean-Luc focussed on the vineyards, and Jean-Paul focussed on the winemaking. Why did they separate? There are plenty of soap-operaesque rumour but it is I guess, safest to say they had different visions for the future and leave it there. It’s a novel situation. If you visit Jean-Paul’s new flash website, you can …

Joe GilmourJean-Luc Jamet – New Beginnings

Dinner at mine Bob?

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I sometimes dream of a special edition of Robert Parker’s Hedonists Gazette. I invite the bard of Maryland to my house. Over a meal, I uncork vintage after vintage of wines that he has scored 95+ points, that are dying, drying out and if not unpleasant, at least difficult to drink. Pop goes a cork from a bottle of Dead Arm Shiraz, pop goes another vintage of some over-priced Spanish flash-in-the-pan. I look at him intensely but not without humour as he tries to drink them. I can sense they are not slipping down easily. He would turn to me, …

Joe GilmourDinner at mine Bob?