Snaps from the Northern Rhone

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The old Joseph Jamet label, from the early 1980s. Note the 73cl bottle! They changed it in the mid 1980s. Jean-Luc said the paper basically disintegrated within a few years in a damp cellar. In the early days of their rare Cote-Brune bottling they would just mix a bottle in with a case of the original.

The new barrel room of Jean-Luc and Evelyne Jamet.

On top of hill at St-Joseph looking out over the river towards Crozes. The vineyard on as the hill turns is Chapoutiers Varonnieres.

Ludovic planting new metal staves in his Chaillot vineyard inherited from the Pierre Lionnet estate.

The elusive Francoise Ribo on top of a parcel of St-Joseph they were ploughing by horse. On a day like this, it looked magical. Dard & Ribo have a reputation as being difficult to find. Indeed, we spent the preceding 20 minutes wandering up the hillside shouting their names.

A bottle of St-Joseph Blanc, bread and rilettes. Lunch.

Slow work, but wonderful for the soil. Not a cheap way of working. As well as using the horse, they use the winch system of ploughing. Inspiring stuff.

2008 Clape in great form in the evening. Love this vintage when done well.

2000 Crozes-Hermitage Gaby. Hermitage quality and perfect now. Nicely developed Syrah character.

Joe GilmourSnaps from the Northern Rhone