The wines were bought direct from the winemakers in south Africa over a number of years, stored in a temperature controlled cellar in SA and then eventually shipped back to the UK in a refrigerated container. The owner of the cellar has a passion for ‘verticals’ hence this cellar offering multiple vintages of the same wine. The timing of his cellar couldn’t have been better – it was the dawn of the sun of winemaking talent in SA. People like Mark Kent, Chris Alheit, Eben Sadie and the whole new gang. The collection contains a number of ‘first vintage’ wines from South African producers. In addition is are a number of bottles not normally available in the UK including CWG auction wines and rare large format treasures (Vin de Francois, Sadie Family, Mullineux & very rare large format Vin De Constance 2008 & 2009.)

These wines are now available to purchase in the wine list