A cellar’s doors are prized open. This collection has been built up over a period of 20 years encompassing mostly New World wines with a few Old World favourites. This is a very personal cellar collected for drinking rather than investment and it’s eclectic selection of over 560 bottles reflect that. The large proportion of South African wines stems from the cellar owner moving to South Africa for 4 years which coincided with the time of the Swartland Revolution and a number of wine makers gaining further international acclaim and expanding their ranges.

The wines were bought direct from the winemakers in south Africa over a number of years, stored in a temperature controlled cellar in SA and then eventually shipped back to the UK in a refrigerated container. The owner of the cellar has a passion for ‘verticals’ hence this cellar offering multiple vintages of the same wine. The collection contains a number of ‘first vintage’ wines from South African producers. In addition is are a number of bottles not normally available in the UK including CWG auction wines and rare large format treasures (Vin de Francois, Sadie Family, Mullineux & very rare large format Vin De Constance 2008 & 2009.)

The wines are currently still in storage and will be collected and arranged for delivery over the coming 2 weeks. This offer is now closed.